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Lighthouse 9.0 - User Flows support and API update

19 November 2021, Friday By M. Konwar

Google has introduced an updated Lighthouse tool. As reported by SearchEngines, version 9.0 can be accessed through the command line in Chrome Canary or the new PageSpeed ​​Insights interface. 

What's new?

API changes

Most users shouldn't see any changes that break the workflow. However, for those running custom audits or using tools that rely on the Lighthouse JSON report, Google suggests checking out the new documentation.

User Flows support 

Lighthouse 9.0 now supports a new API that allows you to analyze User Flow - the user path. With it, you can simulate clicks on links, scrolling and loading of additional pages. The developers explained that performance can now be measured during page load and while interacting with it.

Lighthouse tool

Updated report 

The visual display of the Lighthouse report has changed: the final screenshot of the page has been added to the upper part, where you can immediately evaluate its correctness, and the summary information about the report has been updated in the lower part.

To learn more about Lighthouse 9.0, check out the Chrome Developers blog.

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