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20 Best WordPress Chat Plugins For Your Website

07 December 2021, Tuesday By Priyanka Boruah

We have selected the best LiveChat plugins for WordPress for you and decided to briefly tell you about each of them.

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Why do you need a chat on the site?

20 best live chat plugins for WordPress

  1. LiveAgent
  2. LiveChat
  3. Olark
  4. Support Board
  5. Tidio
  6. Zendesk
  7. HubSpot
  8. WP Live Chat Support
  9. Crisp
  10. Userlike
  12. Drift
  13. Pure Chat
  14. Formilla
  15. Chaport
  16. Jivochat
  17. Intercom
  18. iFlyChat
  19. Flyzoo
  20. Freshchat

Instead of a conclusion

Chat plugins for WordPress

Why do you need a chat on the site?

As they explore your site, a visitor may have questions. This applies to both the technical aspects of the resource, and information about the services or goods sold. And if a potential client cannot quickly find answers to the questions that have arisen, then there is a high probability that he will go to competitors. The presence of a "live" chat directly on the site allows a person to instantly get in touch with the company's employees and get the required information in real time. A satisfied customer turns into profit, and the business only benefits from this. 

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20 best live chat plugins for WordPress

Now let's talk about Live Chat plugins for WordPress that allow you to set up communication with clients online. 

1. LiveAgent

The perfect WordPress plugin for anyone looking for omnichannel chat software. This add-on is completely customizable, you can change any component of the interface and adapt LiveAgent to your own needs. 


LiveAgent has forms for entering contact information, notifications via Slack and by mail, chat history (up to 7 days if using a free plan), the ability to share files, an unlimited number of technical support staff, etc. 

LiveAgent has won more than 26 awards from various publications and is consistently featured in the top of the best. 

Price:  free, but there are additional features by subscription for ~ USD $39.

2. LiveChat

A popular chat plugin for WordPress among e-commerce resources. It combines all the necessary mechanisms for effective communication with potential consumers. 

The LiveChat add-on supports various types of content. Through the chat form, you can send media files, integrate additional menus or product recommendations in the form of a carousel into the correspondence. 

LiveChat supports mobile devices, offers to rate technical support employees, and allows you to conduct polls before and after the conversation. The utility also integrates with 170+ third-party services. The history is kept for 2 months. 

Price: from USD $19/mo for one technical support employee, there is a free trial period. 

3. Olark

Convenient live chat for business. It compares favorably with many competitors by the presence of more detailed information about the client with whom the employee of the company communicates. For example, you can, without leaving the chat, see which page of the site the interlocutor is on and what kind of goods he already has in the cart. 


Olark chat can be half live. If you want, you can set up automatic replies. You can also completely adjust the chat design to suit your preferences. Also, file sharing is available. 

Olark is often used by companies that have repeat customers but want to increase sales. 

Price: from USD $29 per month for one employee; there is a two-week free trial and additional features sold for a separate one-time fee. 

4. Support Board 

This plugin is more geared towards those users who want to rely on artificial intelligence and automation. Here, a lot of functions are initially tailored for chatbots. But at the same time "live" chat is also present.

Support Board

The Support Board is suitable for two categories of users:

Those who do not have the ability to communicate in parallel with a large number of clients (automation and built-in AI come to the rescue). 
For those who often communicate via Slack (the Support Board integrates closely with this messenger).

Price: from USD $59 one-time, some functions like integration with third-party services are paid separately. 

5. Tidio

Tidio is similar to the Support Board in that, in addition to live chat, the plugin includes the ability to connect chatbots and almost completely automate communication with the client. 

One of the key benefits of Tidio is its free plan. Unlike many competitors, the free version of the extension provides more useful features here.

The plugin can be integrated with services such as Facebook Messenger, Zapier, Google Analytics, and so on. It also provides additional information about the interlocutors (geolocation, viewed pages, etc.).

Price:  free; there is a paid version for USD $18 per month, which increases the number of possible interlocutors.

6. Zendesk

Multifunctional chat plugin for WordPress with a rich set of options. 


You can set a rating for each of the chats. There are quick commands that allow you to write a large message or answer a frequently asked question with one click. 

The plugin has a built-in translator, so it is great for international communication. There is an app for iOS and Android. Chat history is stored for up to 30 days.

True, there are limitations for the free version: it does not support the function of sending files and allows you to communicate in parallel with only one person. 

Price: free: there is a pro-tariff at a price of USD $19 per month.

7. HubSpot

Online chat for a sales site. HubSpot is a kind of aggregator that includes everything you need to work effectively, including marketing tools, CRM and an advanced online technical support system. 

This add-on is best suited for those who already use the services of the HubSpot service. You don't have to pay and download third-party solutions, everything is already included in the paid plan. 

But there is also a free version with limited features that allows you to try out HubSpot's features before paying.

Price: from USD $45 per month.

8. WP Live Chat Support

The cheapest plugin for organizing online technical support on a WordPress site. It is a multi functional solution that combines live chat, ticket system and call center. 

This is the ideal solution for those who want to set up a full-fledged chat on the site, but at the same time have a limited budget. WP Live Chat Support doesn't push you financially by providing all the features you need.

WP Live Chat Support

It is possible to compose auto-replies and block individual clients. As you type in the chat, the corresponding icon is displayed, there is a built-in translator.

Price: from USD $16 per month.

9. Crisp

Another advanced solution for sites looking to increase profits and generate more leads. Crisp includes a number of specific functions that greatly simplify the work of technical support specialists. There is:

  • the ability to connect to the user's system and view the pages of the site with him, showing him the products or functions of the site;
  • a database built into the chat that contains answers to frequently asked questions;
  • tight integration with Slack, allowing you to respond to customers directly from this messenger.

An excellent solution for a large business that has already stabilized.

Price: USD $25 for each site monthly.

10. Userlike

An ideal solution for those who want to provide their customers with technical support in a more convenient way than the form on the website. Userlike allows you to communicate with users through popular instant messengers such as Facebook Messenger and Telegram.

In Userlike, you can communicate both live and asynchronously. You can share files, record customer information, customize the appearance of the chat, styling it to match the brand logo and layout design solutions. 

But it is worth noting that most of the interesting functions in the spirit of integration with messengers are available only in the paid version.

Price : free; pro-version from USD $90 monthly.

11. is one of the best chat plugins for WordPress. With it, you can set up a widget for live communication between the client and technical support staff for free. You don't have to pay for any of the add-on features.

At the same time, there is an official mobile application for, there is a conversation planner, the ability to share files, receive notifications from different sources, integration with more than a hundred third-party services, and a host of other features. 

Among the shortcomings, we can only note the lack of chat bots and integration with instant messengers. But even so, for free, looks like an extremely interesting solution.

Price: free.

12. Drift

Online chat for those who don't really need online chat. Drift is a WordPress plugin that helps more with generating leads and increasing sales than organizing a company's tech support. 

The free version of the utility includes user blocking functionality, email integration, built-in support for Slack, Google Analytics and online calendars. You will have to pay for the rest of the functions. 

The paid plan includes a calendar integrated directly into the chat, unique landing pages, the ability to save answers to frequently asked questions, etc.


Price: Drift experts calculate the cost of services for each client personally and only through personal contact with them.

13. Pure Chat 

And this is one of the most customizable WordPress chat widgets out there. The set of options is really impressive: you can change the window size, colors, arrangement of elements, choose animation, add your own images as a background, and so on. 

An excellent solution for those who value aesthetics. Pure Chat does not support the huge number of features available from competitors, but it can visually look exactly the way you want. 

There is an unlimited number of chats, the ability to share files, you can set up notifications, connect analytics and use mobile applications to communicate with clients, even if you are not at your work computer. 

Price: from USD $39 per month.

14. Formilla

Formilla offers its users a stylish chat that looks professional, integrates with hundreds of popular third-party services, and includes an internal messenger for chatting between tech support staff. 


The paid version of the add-on contains: 

  • unlimited number of chats;
  • automatic replies to messages;
  • the ability to block clients;
  • unlimited number of chat widgets;
  • the ability to create your own fields for data entry.

The plugin is suitable for large businesses with high income. For growing companies, Formilla can be an overpriced tool.

Price: from USD $29.99 per month.

15. Chaport

Convenient chat plugin for international companies. Its main advantage is automatic language detection in the client's browser. This allows you to always communicate with the user in his language.

Chaport stores communication history for up to 30 days, allows even in a free plan to communicate with an unlimited number of users, includes the ability to leave messages offline and provides basic information about users (name, email address, phone number). 

Even the free version has enough useful functions and features, while the paid version is not so expensive in comparison with competitors.

Price: from USD $15 per month.

16. Jivochat

A multifunctional solution designed to replace a series of plugins at once. This WordPress extension allows you to provide customer support via live chat, email, social media and telephone. It also includes a system for monitoring users as they navigate your site. Jivochat also integrates with popular services like Slack, PipeDrive, Zoho, etc. 


Suitable for those who plan to provide technical support in all available channels at once and want to use one convenient interface for this.

Price: from USD $19 per month.

17. Intercom

One of the industry giants, which has already won the trust of thousands of users around the world. Intercom has everything you need to effectively communicate with users: integration with popular online services, the ability to send files via chat, and a host of other useful options. 

Also, Intercom has a common hub for incoming messages, available to the entire technical support team. And if necessary, you can set up a chat bot that automatically answers frequently asked questions or redirects clients to real employees. 

Suitable for a growing business that does not need complex systems for lead generation and other marketing tools. 

Price: from USD $67 per month.

18. iFlyChat

A platform that allows you not only to interact with your audience, but also to monetize this interaction right in the chat plugin. iFlyChat supports communication in audio and text format. 

What's interesting: in iFlyChat, you can communicate not only one-on-one, but also create entire groups. Visiting your site, the user will immediately see dozens of users with whom you can communicate without additional registration or going to the forum. 

These same users can act as a kind of technical support. 

Price: free, there is a paid tariff at a price of USD $19 per month.

19. Flyzoo

A powerful tool that combines a technical support system and a community chat where site visitors can communicate with each other. 

Just like iFlyChat, the Flyzoo plugin is primarily aimed at those who want to get to know each other better and create ideal conditions for communication between strangers, united only by the decision to visit your site.


In the basic version, no more than 75 people can be in the chat at the same time, but this limit can be increased to 600 people. It is possible to share files, create your own domains, connect moderators, etc. 

Price: from USD $9.90 per month.

20. Freshchat

Nice plugin for WordPress that allows you to connect with users using multiple communication channels at once. 

Of the interesting functions, it is worth noting the built-in chatbot and the intelligent IntelliAssign system - it automatically selects a technical support employee depending on what skills the latter has and how qualified he is in the question being asked. 

Best of all, this extension is suitable for a large business that has to communicate with thousands of customers and maintain a large technical support department, consisting of hundreds of people.

Price: from ₹999 per month.

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Instead of a conclusion

That's all. We have covered the most popular and functional plugins for setting up online chat in WordPress. You need to try at least a few options to be sure which one is the best for your business. 


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