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How to master the profession of a web designer

07 December 2021, Tuesday By Priyanka Boruah

According to a study conducted in 2021, the profession of a web designer was among the ten most popular in the last 5 years. This confirms the excitement among job seekers and thousands of vacancies in the job market. How to become a professional who is trusted to create and design a website? How much does a web designer get and what are the disadvantages of this job?

Who is a web designer and what does he do

A web designer is a specialist who develops a design concept for a site, designs the structure of future pages, and creates a beautiful "package" of a web resource. He can act independently or strictly follow the customer's requirements (using a certain color in the design, style, fonts, etc.). A good web designer must use the latest web technologies in his work and realize his personal artistic qualities.

A web designer's job pays well. In India, specialists with minimal experience can count on 40,000 rupees a month. Professionals who are ready to provide a full range of services and hand over a turnkey project request from 355,000 rupees. It all depends on knowledge and skills, experience and ability to organize teamwork on a project.

In Europe, this profession is paid even better. Looking at the vacancies on the international site Jooble (for example, Germany), you will see that there are only 134 offers from employers, but the salary reaches $160,000 per year.

In order to work on website design and at the same time count on a good salary, you need to have basic knowledge and skills.

What skills a web designer should have

Web Designer

The profession involves many hard and soft skills.

Soft skills that web designers cannot do without:

  • Communication. Ability to find contact with the team, set tasks correctly and give their assessment.
  • Good taste. It is hardly possible to create a beautiful, harmonious and stylish web resource without impeccable aesthetic taste.
  • Ability to think figuratively. No one canceled logic and analytical thinking, but the imagery in the profession of a designer allows you to imagine the desired result in advance.
  • Creativity. Bold, non-standard solutions give rise to the most original designs.
  • Knowledge of the basics of psychology. A web designer must understand how you can influence the behavior of users to achieve the goal (ordering a service, buying a product, or simply registering on the site).

Basic hard skills of a web designer:

  • site layout skills;
  • knowledge of UI/UX, basic interface development skills;
  • knowledge of Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Lightroom and website design programs: Figma, Sketch, etc.;
  • experience with Google Analytics and other analytics tools;
  • understanding the basics of typography (working with fonts), etc.

Attention! Don't confuse a web designer and a graphic designer. The first one "draws" websites, and the second one designs logos, creates illustrations, etc. 

design logo

Pros and cons of the profession

The advantages of the profession include:

  • great demand for job seekers in the job market;
  • affordable training on online courses that can be selected by difficulty levels;
  • the possibility of rapid growth and development of professional skills;
  • high wages;
  • the ability to work remotely.

The disadvantages include:

  • the client and the web designer can see the final result in different ways, therefore, it is often necessary to make amendments to the project ready for delivery;
  • for the services to be competitive, a specialist needs to constantly develop and often take refresher courses;
  • training courses are quite expensive.

How to master the profession

web design

The knowledge that is necessary for the work of a web designer can be obtained in many higher educational institutions of the country, at master classes and specialized courses.

Choosing an education at a university, you will have to spend 4-5 years, pay hundreds of thousands of rupees. In addition, the digital programs used there lag far behind online schools.

With independent study, you will need to read tons of highly specialized literature, watch webinars and take detailed notes. There is a huge amount of knowledge to be mastered, therefore it will be very difficult without experienced supervision, drawing up a clear and consistent training structure.

Web design courses are the best option. Firstly, they can be passed remotely and receive a certificate confirming the receipt of a new specialization. Secondly, they are cheaper and take from 2-3 weeks to 1-2 months. 

In the courses, information is structured and presented in exactly the order that is required to master the profession. In addition, courses are simply necessary for people who want to learn "tricks" from more experienced colleagues.

To find a suitable course, you can use:

  • advice from friends and acquaintances;
  • recommendations in thematic blogs;
  • search in social networks (through hashtags or the introduction of a direct query);
  • using special portals, where the best courses from different training platforms are collected.

The last option is the most acceptable. For example, using the specialized service, you can simply enter the name of the profession in the search and get results from many online courses that can be sorted:

  • on the site;
  • difficulty level;
  • price;
  • the possibility of obtaining a certificate;
  • internship opportunities.

You can also use the site category search. Each of them contains hundreds of courses, among which you can choose narrowly focused. For example, a prospective web designer might take one of the online programming courses. Having studied jаvascript, PHP or QA testing, you can delve into the system in detail, with which you will have to work in the future. 

Steps to become a web designer

Having decided to master a new profession, you need to:

  • Decide on a list of necessary knowledge, services, certificates and basic skills for a web designer.
  • Select from the list those you are missing.
  • View courses on offer (for beginners, intermediate or advanced) that will help you master the knowledge you need or improve your qualifications.
  • Complete training.
  • Try to apply the knowledge gained in practice, use every opportunity to create your own portfolio.
  • Become a web designer assistant and practice as much as possible.

In order to become a sought-after specialist and get good money for your work, you need to create original and high-quality projects. And this requires skills, knowledge and experience.


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