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Amazon Halo: Amazon introduced a fitness bracelet with a paid subscription

28 August 2020, Friday By M. Konwar

Fitness wristbands that were created to monitor a user's health and track their activity started to become smartwatches over time. The new Amazon gadget called Halo is designed to bring back the originally conceived tracker format to the advocates of a healthy lifestyle. The original device is equipped with a number of useful functions and does not distract the owner from training due to its minimalistic design and lack of a screen.

Amazon Halo

Amazon Halo is positioned as a "health and wellness bracelet". In addition to tracking sports activities, the new product focuses on lifestyle and how it affects the user's body and overall health. The new fitness tracker does not have its own display - the smartphone screen is used to track the indicators it takes off. To use the device, you need to install the Halo mobile application, the subscription price for which is $3.99 per month. 

The tracker received a software tool for measuring the body fat index. This indicator is determined by uploading several full-length photos of the user into the application in underwear, which are combined into a 3D model. Machine learning is then used to determine the optimal amount of body fat for the best health. Amazon assures that these images are removed from the company's servers once the scan is complete. 

Amazon Halo

Another original function of the accessory is to assess the emotional state of the user based on the analysis of the tone of his voice, which is listened to throughout the day using two built-in microphones. The developers note that this option can be disabled by the device owner. In addition, the gadget is equipped with functions for monitoring the quality of sleep and counting the number of steps taken during the day.

Amazon Halo

In terms of technical specifications, Amazon Halo received a water resistance rating of 5 ATM, Bluetooth 5.0 module, and compatibility with Android and iOS smartphones. The new product is available in three sizes (small, medium, and large) and in three color options: black, pink, and silver. The complete strap is made of textile. The new product can work on a single charge for 7 days with the tone turned off, and up to 2 days — with the enabled one.

Amazon Halo is priced at $99, which also includes a six-month trial subscription to the branded mobile app. 

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