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Experts named the most popular smartwatch brand in the world

21 August 2020, Friday By M. Konwar

Analytical company Counterpoint Research conducted a study of the smartwatch market and found out which wearable accessories were most often chosen by buyers in the first half of 2020. Experts note that despite the pandemic, sales of this category of devices showed significant growth, and one of the vendors has already managed to capture more than half of the entire market. 

Global Smartwatch Shipment Revenue Share % in H1 2020 vs H1 2019

Apple became the leader in the number of smartwatch sales in the first half of 2020 with 51.4%, while HUAWEI and Garmin accounted for 17.7%. At the same time, the demand for the Apple Watch line grew from 43% at the beginning of the year to 50% in its middle. In total, 42 million devices were sold worldwide in the first six months. The best selling Apple Watch Series 5 and more affordable Series 3.

Analysts associate the surge in sales with the coronavirus pandemic: while at home, users began to pay more attention to their health, and instead of buying a new smartphone, they more often preferred smartwatches. So, in India, the number of wearable device implementations increased by 57% compared to 2019, in Europe - by 9%, in the USA - by 5%. 

Global Smartwatch Best-Selling Models by Shipment Volumes, H1 2020

HUAWEI Watch GT2 remains a bestseller in China. Moreover, sales of the company's gadgets in the domestic market and in Asia as a whole grew by 90%, and in the world - by 57%, which allowed the manufacturer to become the second-largest producer in the world in terms of sales. The Garmin Forerunner and Fenix smartwatches were the most popular in Europe and North America, and the total demand for these devices increased by 31%. 

Brands such as Amazfit, Xiaomi, Fitbit, Mobvoi, and Suunto are also mentioned by Counterpoint Research experts, but their share of sales is significantly lower, although they all also showed noticeable growth compared to last year. 

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