Tobi Robot - Children's smartwatch with artificial intelligence

Little Tikes introduced Tobi Robot, a new smartwatch that is made specifically for children. Unlike most wearable devices for children, Tobi Robot promises a number of more advanced features, including built-in games and augmented reality capabilities. A key feature of the new smartwatch is a friendly artificial intelligence named Toby, which has more than 100 expressions, animated hands, and feet, and supports various interactions.

Tobi Robot

Smartwatches for kids are nothing new, although the number of models available remains quite small. In most cases, these smartwatches have limited functionality and are mainly designed to give parents peace of mind by providing real-time access to their baby over cellular networks and built-in GPS.

Tobi Robot is more advanced by offering a number of features that will make the product more attractive to children. Toby, the artificial intelligence, has expressions for various tasks like brushing your teeth. The watch also has two cameras for enabling augmented reality games and a selfie function - kids can record videos and take photos.

In addition to the augmented reality experience, the watch offers kids direct access to motion-based games and educational tools, as well as over 50 watch faces. Tobi Robot also has a built-in pedometer and fitness tracker that monitors how much activity your child is doing during the week, helping him to achieve at least minimal goals.

The watch is significantly larger than wearable devices for adults. They are splash-proof and have a tough casing that will withstand rough handling. The Tobi Robot has a touchscreen, can capture 640 x 480 images and record 320 x 240 videos. Little Tikes says the watch's battery will last up to five days on a single charge.

The model is available on the Little Tikes website for $55.

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