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Preliminary release date for Xiaomi MIUI 13 announced

30 November 2020, Monday By Elena Arich

Although Xiaomi is still working on the latest version of the proprietary firmware MIUI 12, the company has repeatedly asked users what features they would like to see in the upcoming updates. According to the moderator of the official forum, the release of MIUI 13 may take place in the near future.


Users noticed the post of the supermoderator of the official community According to him, Xiaomi will introduce MIUI 13 in the second quarter of 2021. Initially, the demonstration of the new firmware was supposed to take place in early November at the Mi Developer Conference, but Xiaomi did not disclose any details related to MIUI 13.

It seems that Xiaomi will take a little longer to develop the proprietary shell. So, MIUI 12 was presented in the first quarter of 2020, almost a year after the release of the 11th firmware version.

Unfortunately, the exact release date for MIUI 13 is not yet known by Xiaomi representatives.

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