Lenovo is preparing a tablet with a second display mode for PC and smartphone

In recent years, Lenovo has become one of the most adventurous companies in the field of tablets based on Android: it has released tablets designed for dual-use as smart speakers/monitors, tablets with built-in projectors, and models with two screens - on E Ink and color displays. 

Now, it seems, Lenovo is once again preparing to try something new. 

A document leak indicates that the upcoming device, called the Lenovo Yoga Book X, maybe a device that can be used either as a stand-alone Android tablet or as a second screen/portable monitor for a laptop or other devices. 

Developer Till Cottmann and Evan Blass shared some details from Lenovo's internal documents, which include UX mockups for the second screen of the as-yet-unannounced tablet. 

Yoga X

The tablet reportedly has a micro HDMI input that allows you to connect a smartphone, tablet, laptop, or other devices such as the Nintendo Switch. When working as a monitor, the tablet switches to the second screen mode and pauses the operation of Android applications, therefore, to launch them, you must enter a PIN code or password. If you played music or video on the tablet, it will automatically stop when you switch to the second screen mode. 

If you unplug the HDMI cable, you can return to using Yoga X as a standalone tablet. 

No information is available on Lenovo Yoga X specs, pricing, or release date. But, given the history of the company, which often launches devices with controversial features on the market, it will not be surprising to see Lenovo Yoga X on the market in the near future. 

If you're a Mac user, you can just buy a new iPad and use the Apple Sidecar feature, which lets you use its tablets as additional screens for the latest Mac computers. The question in this case rests only on the price. 

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