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Best strategy games for Android

27 September 2020, Sunday By Elena Arich

Many games are traditionally released for smartphones. All of them belong to different genres, although there are the most popular options. One thing is for sure — there aren't many strategy games on Google Play. Now they are not so popular, and if they are found, it is only to become cartoon games. This is not so bad and they are also sometimes interesting to play, although often they are sharpened only to demand money from the player. But if you dig deep into the "toy box", you can find real hardcore strategies, like in the good old days, when players spent a day at the computer to develop their empire. In this collection you will find some good games that will take you more than one hour. There will be both paid, but decent options, and free.

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Rome: Total War - a computer game

Total War is a well-known strategy game for PC. It is famous for its spectacular battles, historical accuracy, and the huge number of soldiers on the screen during the battle. Thanks to modern smartphones, the arrival of this game in Google Play has become possible. The game is optimized for touch screens and should appeal to fans of the series.

As the name suggests, Rome: Total War is set in the ancient world, with a focus on the Roman Empire and its famous legions. However, you will also be fighting various other ancient armies from rival empires and barbarian nations such as Egypt, Gaul, Britain, Macedonia, and others. There will be 19 of them in total.

In addition to real-time battles, you can also plan your long-term actions, which can then change the course of the game. Politics, diplomacy, trade, and building your economy are just as important as battlefield tactics to win.

The game is expensive compared to the rest, but it should give you pleasure. To better understand what you will be dealing with, check out the trailer and read the description carefully to understand if it will fit your smartphone.

Download Rome: Total War

Chaos Reborn - challenging strategy

Chaos Reborn: Adventures is a challenging strategy game that will just make you dive into yourself, not just run through the tops. The game is dedicated to a fantasy theme — two wizards face each other on an enchanted battle map. They have to summon creatures and cast spells to defeat their opponent.

Chaos Reborn also costs a lot of money, but it is a premium game. It also exists on the PC. But for this money you will get a game that you will want to play again and again. You will have to master all the options at your disposal and it will take time, but the result will be worth it. In general, first of all, this indicates a good development of the game.

As I said before, this is a complex game that has elements of RPG, card battles, chess and even poker. You will have to try hard to be successful. If the price does not turn you off, pay attention to it.

Planar Conquest - Civilization-style game

Planar Conquest is a massive Civilization-style strategy game in which you take on the role of a powerful sorcerer who raises fantastic armies of orcs, elves, and undead. After that, he goes to conquer many worlds with different types of terrain and visual effects.

Fans of Heroes of Might and Magic or Age of Wonders games will find a lot of interesting things in Planar Conquest. The game will have to manage your economy, exploration, city construction, and spell research, as well as make tactical decisions in turn-based battles that occur when you face your rivals.

This game is much cheaper than the previous ones, but it will be no less interesting. Fortunately, even though the game itself takes time to get familiar with it, it offers a comprehensive guide — it will allow you to get used to the game. When you figure out what's what, everything will go as it should.

Battlevoid: Harbinger - Man in Space

The game takes place in the not too distant future, in which mankind has mastered intergalactic space travel. You will have to manage first one spaceship, and then the whole fleet. The goal is to protect humanity from hostile enemy alien civilizations.

The speed of battles sometimes may not seem very high, but they bring you resources to increase your fleet. Some areas of the game are randomly generated to make them more unique. In addition to the greater pleasure of the first time, this will allow you to pass them again with the same pleasure. It will be easier for you to pass the game if you learn well from mistakes and learn the skills acquired during the game.

Battlevoid: Harbinger is best played on a large screen smartphone or even tablet. If you like it, the same developers also offer real-time space strategy (rather than turn-based) in the form of Battlevoid: Sector Siege.

Plague Inc. - spread of infection around the world

Plague Inc. has been around for several years, but it still hasn't lost its charm. Would it be morally reprehensible to spread the plague all over the world and thus destroy people? Each player will make this conclusion for himself. Actually, this will be the main task of the player. He will need to use a lot of tactical opportunities in order to infect all of humanity. It may seem a bit bleak in the current environment, but it was created long before the current events. So, as they say, all matches are random.

The game provides enough advice to understand how to play it. You will need to infect over 50 countries with 12 different types of diseases. Tactics and strategy will need to be applied in order to spread the infection faster.

About the gameplay, we can safely say that it is difficult, but exciting. You will have to choose the right infection parameters. For example, select ”cold resistance” to infect Greenland. It is not necessary to say at once that you will do everything quickly. But this only makes any game more interesting.

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