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Google announced the Android TV 11 operating system

23 September 2020, Wednesday By Elena Arich

Two weeks after the release of Android 11 for mobile devices, Google announced a fresh revision of the proprietary OS for the Android TV platform, «skipping» the release of the tenth numbered version. The new firmware has received a number of improvements and useful features, which the manufacturer described in its official blog.

Android TV 11

Most of the innovations received by the operating system concerned its multimedia capabilities. Devices running the new version of Android TV will support ALLM (automatic low-latency mode), as well as decoding multimedia content with low latency. The update also affected the features of the cloud-based game streaming service Stadia on TVs. In particular, support for gamepads has been expanded: the list of compatible controllers has been expanded with the Nintendo Switch Pro (USB and Bluetooth connection) and the steam branded accessory (USB connection only).

Android TV 11 also has a new mode that allows developers to test their apps faster on live devices. In addition, the OS also got some of the main features of Android 11, presented in the OS version for smartphones - improved memory management (automatic closing of applications to save RAM) and advanced privacy features.

Google says that OEM partners will work on implementing Android 11 on the TV platform for several more months. Enthusiasts and developers with the ADT-3 DevKit can test the new OS version right now.

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