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Released realme UI 2.0 firmware based on Android 11

22 September 2020, Tuesday By Elena Arich

Earlier, OPPO released a beta version of the proprietary ColorOS 11 shell, based on the latest Android 11 mobile operating system. Now, using a similar OS, the realme brand has also introduced its own software for smartphones. Notably, realme UI 2.0 has quite a few features available to the OPPO flagships.

realme UI 2.0

According to realme, one of the key features of the new firmware is "openness" for owners of smartphones of the brand. So, users can customize the interface to their own taste, as well as install third-party packages of icons or sound effects. In realme UI 2.0, a so-called "global theme" is used, using which you can emphasize a specific color in all menu items.

Owners of OLED displays now have access to advanced settings for the Always on Display function with the ability to select a font and icons. The firmware also has a new dark mode that includes three different styles at once.

realme UI 2.0

Developers of realme UI 2.0 note the global optimization of the system aimed at improving performance and privacy. For example, the firmware has the Deep Sea Privacy feature: with it, owners of realme smartphones get access to secure storage and improved protection algorithms when using bank card data.

In the realme UI 2.0 also provides the System Cloner function. You can use it to separate smartphone usage scenarios — for work and personal needs-by pre-configuring multiple profiles. According to realme, the new firmware is optimized by 45% in terms of system resource usage and accelerated by 32%. In addition, the stability of the display refresh rate has improved by 17%.

realme UI 2.0

The first devices on which realme UI 2.0 will be available will be Narzo 20 series gadgets. In the future, the manufacturer promised to release the corresponding software for other smartphones. 

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