Published a list of new features that will appear in iOS 14.2

A day after the release of the final version of iOS 14, Apple developers presented the first "beta" of iOS 14.2 firmware. After examining the updated build, a well-known blogger told about all the changes that were noticed in the upcoming updated version of the mobile operating system.

One of the most notable innovations that will soon appear in the firmware will be the integration of the popular Shazam music recognition service into iOS. Its icon will be placed in the control center, and it will work both with external sources through the device's microphone, and with songs played on the iPhone itself, including through headphones. After determining the name of the track, the application will offer to go to Apple Music to add it to the library. 

The design of the AirPlay menu will also change, the icons of which will become more compact, as well as the standard player, which will acquire a redesigned interface. The new design provides the ability to view covers for quick navigation, which was not in the previous version of the application. Access to external acoustics will also become easier - to start playback, it will be enough to scroll down the player's screen and press the Play button. 

iOS 14.2 beta

A new item associated with the Apple Watch Series 6 smartwatch will appear in the Analytics and Improvements settings menu - a switch for collecting statistics on the frequency of handwashing by the user. The corresponding application is already available in watchOS 7. In addition, the Magnifier application will acquire the function of recognizing people. 

The last tangible innovation in iOS 14.2, which is now in beta testing, will be the emergence of a headphone security item, in which you can prevent the reproduction of loud sounds. The release date of the updated version of the operating system has not yet been announced by the developers. 

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