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Apple has released the final version of iOS 14 - What's new?

17 September 2020, Thursday By Elena Arich

Following the presentation of new gadgets, Apple introduced the release version of the mobile operating system iOS 14. The upgrade was not limited to changing the serial number: compared to the previous version, the proprietary firmware received an impressive number of innovations.

Apple iOS 14

Home screen widgets
- For the first time in the history of the company's mobile OS, iOS 14 has the ability to add widgets right to the home screen. Using the Smart Stack function, they can be combined into separate "stacks", and iOS 14, through a special algorithm, will display the desired one on top of the rest, depending on the time, location, and other user activity.

iOS 14 Application library

Application library - To save the user from the clutter of their smartphone desktop, iOS 14 automatically categorizes apps and provides more convenient tools for finding them in a separate library. At the same time, their shortcuts in the catalog are sorted by context: "Information and Reading", "Shopping and Food", "Social Networks", "Games" and so on.

iOS 14 Picture-in-picture

Picture-in-picture - The new feature allows you to place videos from any application on top of the active window, and move it freely around the screen. This feature also extends to FaceTime calls, so you can use other applications in parallel while you have a video call.

iOS 14 interface

Compact Siri interfaces and dialers - In the new version of the OS, incoming calls are displayed at the top of the screen, which makes it easy to accept or reject a call while continuing to work with another application. In iOS 14, the Siri voice assistant interface has also been changed - the assistant's dialog box now takes up only part of the screen.

iOS 14 Compact Siri interfaces and dialers

App Clips function - This innovation will allow you to download only part of the application from the App Store for quick launch. You can do this by scanning the new App Clip code developed by Apple, as well as reading it using an NFC chip or QR code.

New functions of the Messages application - iOS 14 introduced the ability to pin threads and conversations at the top of the message list for quick access. In addition, there are group chats for iMessage with a mention function and new Memoji options.

iOS 14 Built-in translator

Built-in translator - A new application, Translate, has appeared in the list of standard programs, designed to communicate in 11 languages with different functions, including a dialogue mode.

Other firmware innovations include new Home app features, 4K video support for YouTube, and Back Tap, which lets you trigger actions by touching the back of your iPhone. Apple also noted an increased camera shutter speed, a new indicator for recording on a camera or microphone, enhanced privacy features, and additional options for AirPods and AirPods Pro users.

The release version of iOS 14 is already available for installation for all users of iPhone 6s and newer Apple smartphones. 

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