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App sharing feature will appear on Google Play

11 September 2020, Friday By Elena Arich

Google is systematically improving its services to make them more user-friendly. Network informants managed to get acquainted with one of the upcoming features of the Google Play store — soon it will get the ability to share applications without an Internet connection. In addition, it became known about some innovations in the interface structure of the service itself.

Google Play

After updating the store client, users will be able to send applications downloaded from Google Play to other Android devices offline using the P2P protocol without using third-party services. This feature can be useful in the absence of a fast Internet connection at the moment. 

Google Play App Sharing

After you select the app you want to share, Google Play displays a list of nearby devices that you can connect to. At the same time, as during the use of nearby Share puffers, pairing occurs via Bluetooth or NFC, and data transfer is over Wi-Fi.

Google Play

Another innovation will be the renaming of the store page "My Apps" to "Manage Applications and Device" with two subsections: "Overview" and "Manage". The first will provide information about applications that need updating, storage capacity, as well as user reviews and ratings. The "Manage" tab will separately show installed and uninstalled applications in the library and will allow you to independently filter them by various parameters.

The release date of the corresponding Google Play update will be announced by the developers later. 

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