Microsoft spoke about the new features of Windows 10

Microsoft has published a list of upcoming changes to the list of Windows 10 features in its blog. The innovations are designed to simplify user interaction with the operating system and are aimed at the regulars of messengers and social networks who prefer to use the desktop clients of the corresponding applications.

Windows 10

In the new build of the OS, numbered 2020, there will be support for animated GIF files for inserting into the typing field from the Tenor service database using keyboard shortcuts. At the same time, it will be possible to select the desired gif by the keyword or hashtag.

In addition, Microsoft will update the server-side of the dictation feature to improve the accuracy of voice recognition and the speed of speech-to-text translation and add the ability to use voice commands to cancel or pause speech input, as well as delete or select certain words. You can start the tool by pressing Win + H. In the test version of the operating system, automatic punctuation will also be disabled.

The exact release date of the Windows 10 pre-build with these innovations will be announced later.

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