Apple is preparing its own search engine as an alternative to Google

According to the latest data, Apple is working on its own search engine, expanding the search results of Siri and Spotlight. Since Apple already has a search engine that supports Siri and Spotlight search queries, the company could drop its financial agreements with Google and launch its own search engine on the iPhone. 

Arguments made by Jon Henshaw of CoyWolf suggest that it is no longer known if Siri uses Google results. Moreover, it looks like Spotlight is delivering the results instead of running queries on alternative search engines. The report also says that Apple is actively investing in search-related areas, and recent job postings indicate that the company is looking for search-related engineers.

Google search

Also in June, the Applebot crawler page for web developers was updated. Henshaw suggests that the change is in Applebot's traffic source verification technique. The company also provided details to differentiate between mobile and desktop searches. 

If Apple does create its own search engine, it will have to give up the billions of dollars a year that Google pays Apple to use its default search engine.

Henshaw notes that users of iOS, iPadOS, and macOS may already be using the search engine without even knowing where the search results come from. However, at the moment nothing can be said for sure, as there are no official messages from the company.

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