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Mozilla has released a completely redesigned Firefox browser for Android

25 August 2020, Tuesday By M. Konwar

Mozilla has been working on the Firefox 79 version of the mobile browser for over a year. Finally, the creators of the app introduced a new build called Daylight, which received a number of functional innovations, improved protection from surveillance in the network, and an updated design.

Firefox Daylight

A special feature of Firefox Daylight is the use of its own Mozilla GeckoView engine and the presence of built-in tools that ensure privacy when surfing the web. The browser has received a proprietary technology for blocking cookies, Enhanced Tracking Protection, first introduced back in 2018. At the same time, users can control the level of «pickiness» of the built-in blocker, since its settings can affect the speed of loading resources and even their performance.

The browser now has a private surfing mode that does not save your search history and entered passwords, and also disables AutoFill. One of the important features of the new version is the ability to flexibly configure the interface: users can change the location of the address bar, switch color schemes manually or automatically depending on the time of day. There is also a special section with quick bookmarks for saving search results. In the future, Mozilla plans to integrate the Pocket bookmark service in Firefox.

Firefox Daylight

Another useful build feature that is familiar to users of desktop browsers is the ability to install extensions. At first, there will be the following Addons: uBlock Origin, Dark Reader, Privacy Badger, HTTPS Everywhere, NoScript Security Suite, Decentraleyes, Search by Image, YouTube High Definition, and Privacy Possum. In the future, their list will constantly expand.

Firefox Daylight

Finally, according to Mozilla representatives, using the GeckoView engine increases the speed of rendering web pages by 10% compared to its predecessor, while ensuring an appropriate level of user data protection. In addition, Mozilla noted that updates for Daylight will be released much more often than for any other mobile browser currently available.

Firefox Daylight is scheduled for release on August 27.

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