Microsoft will change the user interface of Windows 10 in new OS versions

Microsoft continues to work on the user interface of Windows 10 - with the release of the next test build of the OS, new details have become known regarding the Start menu and Notification Center. According to insiders, users will soon receive another design update of a number of "tens" elements for desktops.

Windows 10 Start menu

According to network informants who have studied the OS pre-build files, Microsoft is testing new modules with the codenames WinUIOnDesktop, WinUIDesktopActionCenter, and WinUIDesktopStartMenu. The WinUI platform is designed to update and create new Win32 or UWP applications using a new user interface concept. According to the leak, the SoftMaker can allow the start menu and notification Center to use components from WinUI, and not from the current Windows.UI.XAML.

This approach will allow common controls to be available across the entire Windows platform and to achieve greater consistency in OS design. It is expected that with the next update, the operating system will receive even more elements in the Fluent Design style: rounded windows, updated buttons, and other user interface components. 

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