How to install ARCore on any Android

I am sure that you have heard or even used augmented reality more than once. The very animals in 3D from Google, which we have written a lot about, work on the basis of this technology. But the fact is that you can't just launch augmented reality on an Android smartphone. You need to have the ARCore system app installed on your device, which is part of Google Play services and, accordingly, may not be available to all users. Here's how to get around this limitation. 

ARCore can be installed on any Android smartphone

I suggest starting with a more detailed explanation of what ARCore is. If we stick to the terminology that Google uses, then this is an SDK, or a set of development tools that allow augmented reality to work on an Android device. It allows developers to create applications with AR (artificial reality) support, using the smartphone camera and forcing it to combine augmented reality with everyday reality. The output is a virtual object that is placed in real "textures".

How to download ARCore

To make ARCore work on an Android smartphone that doesn't support it in principle, you can use a workaround. It doesn't even require root rights, so it is suitable for anyone who has problems with playing augmented reality.

  1. Go to the "Settings" and allow downloads from unknown sources;
  2. Follow this link and download the TangoCore application;
  3. Then, follow this link and download the HelloAR app;
  4. Install both applications on your smartphone and grant the necessary permissions.

Since both applications are designed to perform a passive role, you do not need to wait for some kind of revelation from them. In other words, their main task is to passively ensure the functionality of augmented reality on your device. So after installing TangoCore and HelloAR, you can try running something AR-compatible. For this purpose, 3D animals from Google are perfect, among which you will probably find an animal that you or your pets like. Try it, it's interesting.

How to use ARCore

Augmented reality can work even without the official ARCore

It is important to understand that TangoCore and HelloAR are a solution for those smartphones that do not support ARCore by default. Therefore, I don't see any reason to even try to install these applications on a device that has no problems with augmented reality, and that supports Google Play services. You will not discover anything new for yourself. Moreover, neither TangoCore nor HelloAR on your device may launch at all, conflicting with the already installed ARCore. So don't risk it.

Despite the fact that the developers of this ARCore activation method promise the widest compatibility with various Android devices, they still have several requirements. First, the smartphone must have at least 1 GB of RAM and at least 1 GB of free disk space. Secondly, the processor that ensures the performance of your device must be 64-bit, not 32-bit. But, if your device meets these criteria and does not support ARCore, then go ahead. 

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