Linux is actively gaining momentum in the desktop OS market

The analytical company Netmarketshare presented a monthly countdown of the distribution of operating systems and web browsers. Interestingly, there is a fairly rapid growth in the popularity of Linux among desktop OSs. But with browsers, the situation is almost unchanged.

OS market share

Windows 10 remains the leader in the desktop OS market. Ten not only managed to recover from the recent drop from 57.34% to 56% but also increased its share in May to 57.83%. MacOS's share remained relatively stable, dropping slightly from 9.75% to 9.68%. But Linux has been growing for a month in a row, increasing its share to 2.87% in April, and then to 3.17% in May. Presumably, this is due to the fact that many support staff was forced to switch to remote work and install Linux on their home computers.

As for the desktop browser market, in May there was a slight increase in Chrome from 69.81% to 70%. Edge also slightly increased its share from 7.76% to 7.86%, while Firefox's popularity fell from 7.25% to 7.23%.

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