Windows 10 introduces the function of binding a video card to a specific application

Microsoft developers have added a feature to the new Windows 10 build that forces you to select a graphics accelerator that will be activated by default when you launch an application. Thanks to the new option, owners of laptops and computers will be able to use the necessary video adapter in a given scenario without the need for manual configuration.

graphics card

The innovation will be available in the release build of Windows 10 with the number 20190. Users of the preliminary version of the OS can already choose a GPU for demanding applications, or, conversely, restrict their access to a discrete video card to increase the autonomy of the device - this option will be especially relevant for laptop owners equipped with two types of graphics. 

It is also useful for users of workstations that have multiple video cards of different power or purpose (for example, NVIDIA RTX and Quadro). Binding to a specific application will occur once, after which the selected GPU will start by default. The Windows 10 build (20190) is currently in beta testing and is available for download after registering with the Windows Insider program.

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