In the Google file Manager appeared "personal safe"

Google has released a new beta version of the File Manager for Android called Files. A special feature of the updated app is the protection of favorite folders - this innovation will allow gadget owners to close access to personal documents and photos from prying eyes.

File Manager for Android

The Safe Folder function allows you to move confidential files to a separate folder, to access which you need a four-digit password - you will have to enter it every time before viewing the contents of the "safe". After transferring the protected content, it will no longer be displayed in other applications. The developers note that if the user forgets the password or reinstalls the utility, all protected content will be irretrievably deleted - therefore, before resetting the device, you must make a backup copy of your files. 

Safe Folders are currently in beta and are not available on all devices. According to Google representatives, the new feature will appear in public versions of the application "in the coming weeks". Access to safe folders in the program interface will be located on the "Browse" tab in the "Collections" section.

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