TeamViewer made remote control available on millions of Android devices

The popular TeamViewer platform, thanks to which users can organize quick access to the remote desktop, according to the developers, will now appear on almost all Android devices. The company noted that they do not want to artificially restrict access to one of the most popular features of the app.


TeamViewer representatives said that remote control with keyboard input support will be implemented on all Android gadgets with Android 7.0 and higher. The company's technical Director, Mike Eissele, stressed in his address that TeamViewer does not prioritize brands, considering that the app's functionality should be available on absolutely all compatible devices.

Previously, owners of most Android devices could not use full remote access to control the computer, because some restrictions were set in the app. In addition, the updated TeamViewer now allows you to switch your computer to sleep mode with the possibility of further access and exit from this mode.

For easy access, you also need to take care of installing the universal QuickSupport add-in, which Android users can already try out.

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