Google employee declassified the "sweet" name of Android 11

Beginning with Android 10, Google has given up naming new versions of the green robot after various sweets. But as it turned out, the developers of the operating system themselves continue to follow this tradition, as told by a representative of the search giant.

An hour and a half video dedicated to Android 11 and other news from the world of mobile technologies has been released on the YouTube channel All About Android. Dave Burke, Vice President of Android development, agreed to share previously unknown details about the new version of the "green" operating system. During the conversation, he said that inside Google, they continue to use "sweet" names for new versions of Android. Since Android 11 is represented by the letter R in alphabetical order, Red Velvet Cake or Cake "Red velvet" was chosen as the code name.

Android 11

A Google representative also hinted that they still have a few surprises for Android 11. According to him, not all the features that will appear on the release are available in the latest beta version. We will learn about some of them in the coming weeks.

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