Google accidentally revealed the release date of Android 11

Despite the release of two pre-builds of Android 11, Google is in no hurry to announce the release date of the final version of the mobile OS. However, the developers have already given users a hint - albeit unintentional. The day of the announcement of the stable revision of the "green robot" accidentally lit up during the Hey Google Smart Home online conference on one of the slides.

Hey Google Smart Home

According to the leak, the final version of Android 11 will be presented on September 8 this year. This date is indicated on the slide with a list of actions that manufacturers of devices for the smart home should take to prepare for the launch of the OS. Given that the previous assembly was released on September 3 of last year, the specified date looks plausible. 

It is noteworthy that shortly after the publication of the event, access to video on YouTube was limited, and company representatives told reporters that the release date of the operating system has not yet been finally determined. It is expected that the first full-fledged update to Android 11 will receive smartphones from the Google Pixel line, and later the roadmaps of other vendors for updating various gadget models will become known.

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