Google blocks AnTuTu installation on Android smartphones

In March of this year, the mobile benchmark AnTuTu was removed from Google Play. It recently became available for download again, but soon after its return to the store, users encountered new difficulties. This time, the problem was not with accessing the popular app, but with installing it.


The Play Protect service suddenly started blocking the installation of AnTuTu, informing users that the program collects personal data. It is noteworthy that this notification appears only when using the latest software - owners of gadgets that have a version of the service with a build number no higher than 8.3.4 can still set the benchmark without warning.

When you go to the official app download page using the mobile version of Google Chrome, the browser also warns you about dangerous site content. It is worth noting that the installation of the benchmark is still possible if the user ignores the notification of suspicious package content by clicking on the "Install anyway" button on the screen.

Google has not yet commented on the reason for blocking the app.

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