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iPadOS 14 gets even closer to desktop OS

23 June 2020, Tuesday By M. Konwar
When Apple first released the iPad, it was an enlarged iPhone running on a slightly modified version of the iPhone operating system. But over time, Apple has added more iPad-specific features and pushed the iPadOS operating system.


Now Apple is introducing iPadOS 14. In addition to supporting the same features found in iOS 14 (including widgets and the App Library), there are some new features specific to the iPad, including an updated interface for key apps including Photos, Notes, Files, Music, and Calendar.

These apps also have a new sidebar element that provides a new way to navigate. In addition, apps have new toolbars that provide faster access to basic features and allow some tablet apps to look more like desktop apps.

iPadOS 14

Apple claims the Search feature has also been updated on iPadOS, which allows you to launch applications, call contacts, or visit websites by entering a few letters to display a list of suggestions. 

iPadOS 14

The new iPadOS version also includes new Apple Pencil features, including “Scribble” support, which allows you to use the Apple stylus to enter text in any field thanks to the automatic recognition of handwriting that converts it to text. 

iPadOS 14

In addition, iPadOS 14 also supports a keyboard and mouse for games. With iPadOS 14, Apple again bridges the gap between the tablet and the computer, minimizing the differences that were once noticeable.

This will be not only a pleasant addition for users - the company provides new opportunities for developers who want to release games for the iPad. We can expect that a solid game will soon be released that will make the iPad a pretty attractive gaming device.

Today, Apple is releasing a preview version of iPadOS 14 for developers. The beta version is scheduled for July, and this fall the software should be available to anyone with a supported iPad. 
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