Zoom becomes secure: end-to-end encryption is introduced for everyone

Over the past couple of months, Zoom has experienced many ups and downs due to a crisis of trust and security. The service identified problems with encryption, after which Zoom admitted that end-to-end encryption is only available for paid users.

Zoom will now reverse this solution and will offer end-to-end encryption to all users. Encryption features will appear in beta for both free and paid accounts.


Zoom announced on its blog that free encryption will be available to all users around the world. Here's what Zoom writes on its blog:

“Today, Zoom released the updated E2EE design on GitHub. We are also pleased to announce that we have identified a way forward that balances the legal right of all users to privacy and user safety on our platform. This will allow us to offer E2EE as an extended additional feature for all our users around the world, both paid and free while maintaining the ability to prevent and combat abuse on our platform.”

According to the company, an early beta with end-to-end encryption should start in July. All Zoom users will have access to AES 256 GCM transport encryption. Zoom claims to be one of the most reliable encryption types available today. In addition, Zoom also said that this encryption would be optional, as it may limit the functionality of the meeting, such as the ability to include telephone lines or other conference room hardware systems, such as H.323.

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