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Adobe has released the Creative Cloud Express application

14 December 2021, Tuesday By M. Konwar

Adobe Introduces Creative Cloud Express, a free program designed for casual users looking for simple, easy-to-use video and imaging tools.

The Adobe Creative Cloud Express service is more focused on social media managers, small business owners, as well as all other users who are not professionals in graphic design, but they have the need to quickly and easily create content.

For design development, you can use standard templates, for example, "Post to Instagram", "Story on Instagram", "Logo", "Thumbnail for YouTube", "Collage" and so on. 

Creative Cloud Express application

You can try these tools on the web, as well as through the iOS and Android apps. To do this, you just need to log in in any convenient way, after which you can immediately start working. Overall, however, the app is shareware - the features are free to use, but you will need to subscribe to a paid subscription for $9.99 a month to access the entire library of Adobe images and fonts.

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