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Microsoft 365 Subscriptions to Rise 20% for Certain Business Customers

08 December 2021, Wednesday By M. Konwar

The company plans to introduce a new pricing policy for its corporate clients. So, in March 2022, the subscription cost will increase by 10-15% for all users - this became known back in August. However, customers who buy a monthly Microsoft 365 subscription began receiving emails suggesting a further 20% price increase early next year. 

According to CNBC, the owners of monthly tariffs for Microsoft 365 services complain that the corporation is thus forcing them to switch to a longer subscription, since the price for them can rise 2 times in a row (by about 35%). There was no official announcement of the price hike, and Microsoft immediately began sending out ex-post notifications.

Microsoft 365

Small business owners have created a petition demanding to cancel the price increase - it has already collected 1,500 signatures. In the petition, users note that they are buying short-term Microsoft 365 subscriptions to minimize waste and flexibility in their work, but such a price increase for the package almost completely negates all the benefits.

The publication CNBC believes that in this way the corporation wants to more accurately predict its revenues and the number of customers for a specific period. 

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