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Nike creates its own virtual world NIKELAND

19 November 2021, Friday By M. Konwar

In its official blog, Nike announced  that it is launching the NIKELAND digital universe inside the Roblox game.


All buildings and structures in NIKELAND were created with an eye to the real headquarters of the company. The Nike team has created detailed arenas in Roblox where players can compete in a variety of sports-related minigames. You can play catch-up, "the floor is lava" or bouncer. But that's not all, and the NIKELAND toolkit will allow you to create your own games in the digital world.

According to the creators of NIKELAND, the game will use the accelerometer in the device and in every possible way provoke players to take action in the real world. For example, move your own body to speed up the virtual character.

NIKELAND virtual character

Each "inhabitant" of NIKELAND will have a unique avatar. It can be outfitted in branded sportswear recreated from real Nike samples. You can buy yourself a pair of Air Max sneakers for a special in-game currency, which is issued for successfully completing mini-games.

NIKELAND is a free community that any Roblox player can visit. Anyone can also develop in-game disciplines.

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