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Samsung has released a major update for its proprietary browser

04 December 2020, Friday By Elena Arich

Samsung has announced the release of a new version of its proprietary mobile web browser. Samsung Internet 13.0 has added and redesigned a number of features designed to make browsing the Internet more convenient and secure.

Samsung Internet 13.0

Samsung Internet 13.0 introduces a new user interface with a permission request that will display a warning message if a website appears malicious and tries to trick you into accepting notifications. The browser has received a "Secret mode" that allows you to automatically clear your browsing history as soon as all tabs opened in this mode are closed. When "Secret mode" is activated, the corresponding icon is displayed in the address bar.

High contrast mode

Other innovations in Samsung Internet 13.0 include:

  • High contrast mode with dark theme enabled to highlight fonts and other components,
  • Expandable panel "Bookmarks", "Saved pages", "History" and "Downloads",
  • The ability to hide the status bar,
  • Ability to pause playback when watching a video in full-screen mode using the "Video Assistant" by double-tapping the center of the screen,
  • Simplified editing of bookmark titles for easier searching

The latest version of Samsung Internet can be downloaded from Google Play or Galaxy Store.

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