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Google announced the 25 best mobile games of 2020

02 December 2020, Wednesday By Elena Arich

Google announced the results of 2020, naming the best mobile games from its digital store. Who would have thought that the title of the best project will be awarded to the free Genshin Impact?

Google Play

However, the corporation also decided not to offend other developers. Therefore, in addition to the title of simply the best game of the year, the Google Play editorial board has brought out several more categories, each of which contains five winning titles.

Best Indie Games:

Best casual games:

Best Innovative Games:

Best Competitive Games:

US Players' Choice:

In general, the results of the year in Google Play can easily be used as a direct recommendation for installing on your own smartphone - especially for those who do not often play on this platform. There are simply no bad and passable titles here.

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