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Microsoft accelerates the introduction of new features in Windows 10

01 December 2020, Tuesday By Elena Arich

Twice a year, Microsoft releases major updates for Windows 10, introducing new features and changing existing ones. These are big updates that often lead to numerous problems. The company decided to try out a new strategy: introduce innovations in small patches.

Windows 10 update

Members of the Windows Insider Program received the Windows Feature Experience Pack 120.2212.1070.0, which brings to the system the ability to use Snapshot (WIN + Shift + S) to take a screenshot and save it to the correct Explorer folder and split the virtual keyboard in portrait mode on touchscreen devices. 

According to Microsoft's Brandon LeBlanc, the Windows Feature Experience Pack will provide feature changes that are developed independently of the operating system itself. So far, the company is exploring this way of introducing changes to the OS. If successful, such updates will be released more often and include more innovations. The ultimate goal is to distribute these experimental packages through Windows Update.

This innovation will not only allow Microsoft to delight Windows 10 users with new features more often, but should also make it easier to develop and test major updates. 

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