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Windows 10 will have native support for Android apps

25 November 2020, Wednesday By Elena Arich

Apple recently launched new ARM-based M1 computers that can run iOS apps. It seems that Microsoft is not going to lag behind its main competitor. According to a reliable source, the Redmond company is also looking to add native support for mobile apps to Windows 10. 

Zac Bowden

According to Zac Bowden, an employee of the Windows Central publication, Microsoft is considering launching Android applications on computers running Windows 10, or even already working on it. According to him, mobile programs will be available directly in the Microsoft store. This feature should appear supposedly next year.

It is worth noting that the owners of some Samsung smartphones can already run Android applications on their Windows computers. HUAWEI has implemented a similar thing on its devices. However, it is more about broadcasting from a mobile gadget. According to Bowden, Microsoft wants to implement native support for Android programs. However, it is unclear how the company will get around the restriction that some applications require Google Play services to work.

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