Found a simple way to disable ads on YouTube

A Reddit user has posted a useful trick that makes it easy to block ads on YouTube with just one character in the video's URL address.

This week, the /r/webdev section published an incredibly simple way to effectively block ad impressions on YouTube. This does not require any software, extensions, or even memorizing any long line of code.

The trick is to add one extra character to the address, specifically the dot (.) after ".com " in the URL. In other words, instead of visiting "" you need to go to "".


How does a simple dot block ads on YouTube? This quick URL change "breaks" the page in a certain way, which leads to the side effect of removing most (or even all) ads. Even video ads that interrupt your viewing are disabled. The trick works on both a desktop computer and a mobile device (although for mobile devices, you need to use the desktop version of the page).

In essence, this method results in no hostname matching. This causes the page content to still load, but various other related elements, such as ads, do not load. It blocks not only ads on YouTube, but also, for example, cookies, and can even be used to get paid content from news sites.

However, before you start watching hundreds of videos on YouTube without ads, keep in mind that advertising is what supports the work of many authors you love. If you don't view ads, they don't get paid. Therefore, if there is a content creator whose videos you really like, viewing ads is one of the few ways to thank them.

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