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Google Extended Chrome Support For Windows 7

21 November 2020, Saturday By Elena Arich

Despite the fact that more than five years have passed since the release of Windows 10, many still continue to use older versions of the Microsoft operating system. Especially "seven" is still popular, the official support of which was completed at the beginning of this year. Now Google has announced when it will stop supporting Chrome on Windows 7.

Windows 7 Global Migration to Windows 10 

Initially, Google planned to stop supporting Chrome on Windows 7 after July 15, 2021, but in light of recent events, the company decided to extend support for another six months — at least until January 15, 2022. The reason was the coronavirus pandemic, which affected companies ' plans to switch from Windows 7 to the current Windows 10.

"Migrating to Windows 10 was a part of many organizations’ roadmap for the year. But as new priorities for IT teams emerged, we’ve heard that 21% of organizations are still in the process of migrating to Windows 10.1 With this extension of support, enterprises with their upgrades still in progress can rest assured that their users remaining on Windows 7 will continue to benefit from Chrome’s security and productivity benefits," - Google said in a blog post.

If the plans do not change again, Chrome will no longer receive updates and new features on Windows 7 after the specified date. In addition, other browsers on Chromium may stop support even earlier. For example, even Microsoft itself announced that the updated Edge will be supported on Windows 7 until July 15, 2021.


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