Google's new development improves the quality of Android games

In addition to the release of the first public beta of Android 11, Google has announced a number of important innovations designed to significantly simplify the life of developers. For example, the Play Asset Delivery feature lets you speed up downloading mobile games from Google Play. Another significant announcement was the Android Performance Tuner project, which allows you to achieve better performance of games on Android devices.

Android 11

Android is a fairly complex platform for developers because of the need to optimize applications for a huge number of devices with a variety of characteristics. This is especially true for games, the creators of which have to put a huge amount of effort to ensure that they work normally on as wide a range of gadgets as possible. The new Android Performance Tuner library, which is part of the Android Game SDK, should solve this problem.

Android Performance Tuner

Android Performance Tuner allows you to measure and optimize frame rate and graphics quality on more than 99% of all active Android devices running Android 4.1 (API 16) and higher. As a result, developers can easily collect information about how well the game is performing at each level of graphics quality.

The new utility significantly simplifies the life of developers, allowing not only to understand how the game runs on different hardware but also to identify the most resource-intensive fragments. In addition, you can use Android Performance Tuner to determine what improvements can be made to the game's graphics so that it does not affect performance and frame rate.

In theory, Android Performance Tuner will improve the overall situation with optimizing games on Android. This tool will be especially useful for indie authors who can't test their titles on a large number of gadgets.

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