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Google has increased the performance and energy efficiency of Chrome

18 November 2020, Wednesday By Elena Arich

Google has released a major update for its Chrome browser. According to the developers, thanks to a lot of internal changes, the application has become much faster to open tabs and much less CPU load, increasing the battery life of laptops.

Google Chrome

Representatives of the company noted that in the new version of the browser, the open tab gets priority over the background ones, so the CPU load can be reduced up to five times. This will allow a laptop with Chrome installed to work an average of 1.25 hours longer in web surfing mode. The new solution will not affect music playback in background tabs or notifications.

Google also reported that the updated browser was launched 25% faster, and the speed of opening new tabs increased by 7% compared to the previous version. Other new features include a tab search function and the ability to update browser settings directly from the address bar. In addition, the app will have a new tab with cards that allow you to plan your work and quickly navigate to related content on the Internet.

The new version of Chrome is already available to users in most regions. More information on the list of innovations can be found in the official blog of the company. 

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