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Google releases major Android Wear and Google Fit update

18 November 2020, Wednesday By Elena Arich

Google has introduced a new version of the Google Fit tracker for the Wear OS platform, adding a feature that users have been waiting for several years. Finally, owners of smart wearable devices will be able to monitor current physical activity on a single screen.

Google Fit tracker

While competitor apps such as Apple Health, Samsung Health, and Fitbit offer users customizable screens with quick access to all activity indicators at once, Google Fit has only just introduced a similar feature. Now your home screen will display information about your heart rate, blood pressure, weight, and other indicators, and you can quickly post it on social networks.

In addition, the developers have provided the ability to display information about the quality of sleep when using the appropriate tracker. In the future, it is expected that Google will supplement the functionality of the app with a special schedule with recommendations on the time at which it is desirable to go to sleep for a specific user based on their physical activity.

The Wear OS operating system has an updated "Activity" section with new "weather" and "Breath" screens. Developers have also improved access to the "Training" section, reducing the time required to start tracking. Finally, you can now set a goal for a specific workout and track the dynamics and current pace of performance.

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