One of the main features of the OnePlus 8T is confirmed by the manufacturer

OnePlus continues to share with users details about the upcoming flagship smartphone. Following the information about the OnePlus 8T display, the manufacturer revealed the characteristics of the updated power supply and battery of the gadget, confirming early rumors about the high charging power of the upcoming product.

An updated promotional video of the company confirmed that the OnePlus 8T will indeed receive support for the proprietary 65W Warp Charge fast charging technology. According to the manufacturer, in just 15 minutes of wired "charging" the smartphone will replenish the battery capacity from 0% to 58%, and to reach the 100% mark the device will need 39 minutes. At the same time, the smartphone will not receive a wireless coil for security reasons and for the sake of reducing the thickness of the gadget case.

The flagship device will get two batteries, the total capacity of which will be 4500 mAh, while both cells will be charged simultaneously. OnePlus says it uses a dedicated encryption chip to keep the process safe to control the power supply and cable. In addition, the manufacturer uses 12 temperature sensors in the device itself to ensure the correct combination of voltage and current, as well as a special cooling system to prevent overheating of the electronic components. 

The design of the charging adapter will also change - it will receive a USB Type-C port and will be able to charge gadgets from other manufacturers - while the maximum output power will be limited to 45 W using the USB Power Delivery specification. In turn, the OnePlus 8T itself will support third-party PSUs, limiting the input power to 27W. 

The presentation of the new flagship of the smartphone brand will take place next month, October 14, and its starting price, according to previous insider publications, will be €599.

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