New iPhones will be more expensive than last year's models

The presentation of new iPhones is expected soon. And although there is already a lot of information about them on the web, nothing has been reliably confirmed yet. For example, over the past few months, various insiders have reported on the price of future smartphones. According to new reports, new items will be more expensive than last year's models.

Apple iPhone 12

Earlier it was reported that the price of the iPhone 12 can start at $549 for the most affordable modification of the 5.4-inch model in the 4G version, while the 5G version was credited with a price of $649. There was also information that Apple will keep the initial price tag at the level of last year's iPhone 11 - $699. However, now insiders are assuring that the new models will definitely be more expensive than last year. 

The increase in the cost of new iPhones is associated not only with the introduction of support for fifth-generation networks, but also with the increase in the cost of components. For these reasons, prices for the iPhone 12 are expected to start at $749. And this is despite the fact that headphones and a power supply for charging will disappear from the smartphone configuration. It is assumed that Apple will separately sell charging power of 20 watts.

Apple may announce a launch date for the new iPhones in the coming weeks. 

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