Apple announced the date of the presentation of the iPhone 12 and other new products

Contrary to the predictions of some insiders, the announcement of new Apple devices did not take place today. Instead, the company announced the date of the next special event, which is expected to present a variety of gadgets.

Apple event

Apple's special event will be held on September 15. The event is expected to present four new iPhones: a compact 5.4-inch model, a standard 6.1-inch and a Pro version with the same diagonal, as well as a large 6.7-inch smartphone with the Pro Max prefix. According to available information, we are waiting for a completely new design and the appearance of lidar in older models. According to rumors, the new iPhone will go on sale in two batches.

Interestingly, on Twitter, when you enter the hashtag #appleevent, the blue Apple logo automatically appears next to it. The same shade is used in the event announcement. It is assumed that this is a hint of the new color of future iPhones, rumors about which have appeared for a long time.


In addition to smartphones, it is likely to announce the iPad Air 4 in a new design, Apple Watch Series 6, and AirTag. The presentation of an ARM-based MacBook laptop is also not excluded.

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