Xiaomi CEO reveals secret lab for testing smartphones

The founder and head of Xiaomi, Lei Jun, is directly involved in the development of the company's smartphones. So, he personally uses each device produced before launching it. Now he took a short tour of the laboratory where the company's devices are being tested.

laboratory for testing smartphones

In a video published on TikTok, the head of Xiaomi showed a special room where the company is testing devices. According to him, there are 1,800 gadgets, which are continuously subjected to various tests for a month in order to check their reliability and stability. According to Lei Jun, before the release of each new smartphone, Xiaomi tests 200 samples in this laboratory. Based on this, we can assume that at the moment the company is preparing to release at least 9 devices. 

Lei Jun noted that the quality of devices is now a priority for the company. The high level of control over the produced gadgets allowed Xiaomi to extend the warranty period for Redmi devices from the traditional 12 months to 18 months. 

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