LG has announced the date of the presentation of the unusual smartphone LG Wing

LG has confirmed the date of the announcement of the LG Wing swivel screen smartphone. The virtual launch will take place in the coming weeks in South Korea. The device will be the first in the new Explorer Project line. 

Recently, the first video of the LG Wing appeared online and now the Korean company is preparing to launch this device to the market. In a short teaser posted on YouTube, LG has confirmed September 14 for its upcoming dual-screen smartphone.

In addition to the date announcement, the video itself confirms the use of a rotating second screen in the device. A design like this could appeal to gamers and productivity enthusiasts. 

In a separate release, LG also confirms that the new device is part of its Project Explorer. According to LG, the project will include a number of devices, of which Wing will be the first. It also calls the project a new "category," which perhaps hints at the swivel screen design used throughout the lineup and the company's hope that it will catch on. 

LG Wing

LG is no stranger to redefining smartphone designs, even if previous attempts such as the LG G5 have not been as successful as the company hoped. However, LG has examples of non-standard solutions. The dual-screen system used in the LG V60 and LG Velvet, for example, remains a pretty practical alternative to foldable smartphones. 

In terms of specifications, LG did not provide specific details on the new device, but did say it will run on a Qualcomm chipset. Earlier, there were rumors that the new smartphone will use the Snapdragon 765 chipset, which could slightly reduce the potentially high price of the LG Wing. 

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