DxOMark experts evaluated the audio capabilities of the iPhone 11

Apple iPhone 11 already fell into the hands of DxOMark lab experts to test the capabilities of both cameras, but this time the speaker system of the flagship gadget was tested. Experts checked what the speakers and microphones of the best-selling smartphone of the beginning of 2020 are capable of, and rendered their verdict.

Experts ranked the device’s strengths as surround sound, which, according to their conclusion, makes it possible to perfectly perceive audio content even at a minimum volume. It was also noted the absence of artifacts both when playing the music of different styles, and during game sessions. In addition, the location of the speakers does not allow the user to block their hands with horizontal hold, which often becomes a problem for some smartphone models.

The disadvantages of the device in the laboratory included the lack of proper "rotation" of stereo sound when playing music in landscape orientation, and the lack of bass depth. According to the engineers, the overall sound quality of the iPhone 11 corresponds to the 11 Pro Max model. At the same time, the maximum volume level of the younger version is slightly lower, however, in terms of timbre, it even surpasses the more expensive apparatus of the line.

As for audio recording, the experts received a high-quality track with a high volume and very good timbre and background characteristics. However, the device's microphone, according to DxOMark, lacks directivity.

According to the results of testing, the iPhone 11 received 71 points and took fifth place in the combined rating of the laboratory, sharing it with the previously passed similar tests iPhone 11 Pro Max.

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