Microsoft Surface Duo performance compared to other flexible smartphones

Soon after the announcement, the Surface Duo smartphone, equipped with two displays, lit up in the database of the popular benchmark. Despite using last year's Snapdragon processor, the device managed to outperform a number of other devices with a flexible display based on more modern Qualcomm chips.

Microsoft Surface Duo benchmark

Microsoft Surface Duo is powered by the Snapdragon 855 processor, which was considered the flagship processor when the device was announced in October 2019. The amount of RAM in Microsoft's Android smartphone is 6 GB. With such hardware characteristics, the gadget managed to score 762 in Geekbench and 2867 points in single and multi-core tests at a processor clock speed of 1.78 GHz. 

Compared with Samsung Galaxy Z Flip, Galaxy Fold of the first revision and Motorola Razr, the results of multi-core testing at the brainchild of Microsoft were higher and, according to experts, despite the use of a somewhat outdated processor, in terms of performance, the Surface Duo may well compete with other devices of its class.

The new Microsoft smartphone will go on sale on September 10 at a price of $1399 for the version with a minimum amount of built-in storage.

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