Apple accidentally revealed a possible date for the announcement of the iPhone 12

Apple has not yet announced the date of the next autumn presentation, during which the premiere of the iPhone 12 line and other new products of the brand is expected. However, the company still accidentally "let slip" about the upcoming event, highlighting the possible day of the announcement on YouTube.

possible date for the announcement of the iPhone 12

According to network informants, the test broadcast with the expected date of the event was highlighted in the recommendations of the video hosting. Access to it was quickly restricted, but insiders managed to take a screenshot - according to the published image, the company can show new gadgets as early as September 10, despite the recent announcement of the postponement of this event. A year earlier, the iPhone 11 was introduced on the same day.

However, the source notes that the date in the screenshot corresponds to Thursday, but all presentations of new iPhones are usually held by Apple at the beginning of the week, so the published information should be treated with a degree of skepticism. The manufacturer itself, according to tradition, does not comment on leaks and does not provide the exact timing of the announcement of new products. Earlier, the company said that the release of the iPhone 12 this year will take place later than usual.

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