BlackBerry announced a new smartphone for fans of the brand

Earlier this year, the Chinese company TCL announced the discontinuation of BlackBerry smartphones, which could be considered the end of the famous brand. However, quite suddenly there was an announcement of a new BlackBerry gadget that should appeal to fans of physical keyboards.

The release of BlackBerry smartphones will be handled by the new company OnwardMobility, which was officially announced on its YouTube channel. It has been around for about a year and is made up of veterans of the mobile and corporate industry, but hasn't been active until now. The company's website states that its goal is to offer the safest mobile devices. The company's website states that its goal is to offer the most secure mobile devices. However, it is worth noting that the direct development and production of gadgets will be engaged in FIH Mobile Limited - a subsidiary of Foxconn.

"FIH Mobile will develop and manufacture BlackBerry devices in accordance with strict rules to ensure the integrity of components, devices, and the supply chain," OnwardMobility said in a statement.


It has already been announced that a BlackBerry smartphone running Android will be released in 2021. It will be equipped with a physical QWERTY keyboard and support for the fifth-generation 5G network. The device will ship with proprietary software designed to provide users with corporate and government-level security. Judging by the statements of OnwardMobility, the company plans to release many models, but the details are still kept secret. 

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