Vivo has released more than 13,500 smartphones with the same IMEI

As it turned out, many Vivo smartphones work in India with the same IMEI code, and the police of the Meerut district conducted an investigation into this case.

Every smartphone in the world comes with a unique 15-digit IMEI code that helps identify and track individual devices, for example, in the case of a stolen smartphone. A smartphone sold in India, as in any other country, must have a unique IMEI number. Its absence may cause criminal prosecution, as it will prevent the tracking of the device. Specifically in India, you can get up to 3 years in prison for missing or fake IMEI.

It all started when an inspector from the Meerut police station replaced his smartphone at the official service center and the IMEI code on the replaced model matched the IMEI of the new smartphone. The inspector then initiated an investigation by registering the case with Vivo India. The investigation took more than five months.

The police gave the IMEI code to the SIM card operator to collect data, and there it was discovered that more than 13,500 Vivo smartphones use the same IMEI number, and most of these smartphones operate in different states of the country.

Currently, the police have sent a notification to Vivo India management about the results of the investigation. The company has not yet made a statement on this issue.

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